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Pecege organizes the largest final paper presentation event of Latin America

More than 2.4 thousand final papers and 40 lectures brought the 13th edition of the SIM to the status of largest event of the Latin American segment. Organized by Pecege in three days of December 2019, SIM crashed records with the presence of more than 6 thousand participants among MBA USP/Esalq students and visitors.

Based on Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture at the University of São Paulo (Esalq/USP), in Piracicaba, the event marks the final stage of the Lato sensu postgraduate program, with works by distance education and presential students from all Brazilians states and 10 other countries: Angola, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal and Venezuela.


MBA USP/Esalq students closed the journey of one of the seven courses with presentations from Project Management, Business Management, Agribusiness, Digital Marketing, Retail and Credit Cooperatives.  The presentations are free and open to the public.

The presentation of the final paper is the only presential stage of distance education courses and its realization in Piracicaba moves the local economy during the SIM weekend, reaching the maximum capacity of the more than 20 hotels and inns in the city.

Students take the opportunity to get to know Piracicaba, eat in restaurants and bars and visit the various options of stores in the city.


SIM also has a parallel program, aimed at those registered for the event. There are lectures, sightseeing and the SIM Festival, a happy hour with music, artistic attractions and food trucks.


Schedule during the weekend, the SIM lectures present additional content to MBA USP/Esalq classes, with current themes presented by renowned speakers.


SIM participants can also visit Piracicaba’s main tourist attractions and MBA USP/Esalq studios with an event bus. The tours are subject to the capacity of the bus and are organized in order of arrival at the meeting point of the SIM event.

SIM Festival

Those who like music and gastronomy can participate in the SIM Festival, the happy hour that is part of the SIM event and celebrates the end of a cycle for teachers and students. With musical, artistic and gastronomic attractions, SIM Festival aims to value co-creation and the talents of MBA USP/Esalq teachers and students.


SIM parallel program is open to the public upon previous acquisition of tickets through the website


The USP/Esalq MBAs are Lato sensu specialization courses from the University of São Paulo (USP) and are open for enrollment for classes in the first semester of 2020. In addition to the themes Business Management, Project Management, School Management, Marketing, Physical and Online Retail and Agribusiness, three new courses will become available in 2020: Finance and Controllership, Tax Management and People Management.

Live classes and tests are online, except for the last one, which is performed at the SIM event, along the final paper presentations.

Presential classes are also offered for Business Management, Project Management and Agribusiness courses, with classes taught every two weeks at Esalq. The MBA in Agribusiness also has a presential class in Cuiabá (MT).

Registrations can be made on the website


Pecege was born in Esalq/USP and expanded to a focused association in improving quality knowledge, enabling education and innovative ideas to positively transform people’s realities around the world.

Responsible for performing the MBA USP/Esalq, through the Luiz de Queiroz Agrarian Studies Foundation (Fealq), Pecege organizes and promotes, at the USP/Esalq campus, in Piracicaba/SP, a special event for the final paper presentation, the SIM.

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