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Pecege College: education applied to the labor market

The Pecege College offers the graduate course in Technology in Management Processes. With a duration of two years, the course has a general curriculum, which allows the training of multispecialists in management processes.

“This means that, upon graduation, the student will be able to work in several areas of a company such as logistics, human resources, finance and marketing, among others”, says Prof. Amaru Maximiano.

The entrance exam can be booked through the website, and classes are taught in the evening at the Pecege headquarters (Rua Alexandre Herculano, 120, Vila Monteiro). The content is also recorded and can be followed by the student later.

The Pecege College belongs to Pecege, a group that was born in Esalq and, in 2013, expanded to an institute with a focus on education and solutions for society.

“We manage quality courses and training courses in management and economy since 1986 and our great differential was the constant renewal. When few spoke of distance learning, this model was already a reality at Pecege. Today the group offers the most diverse forms of knowledge transfer programs that will make a difference in the student’s life,” says Pedro Marques, president of Pecege.

“Pecege is an extremely dynamic group, with a team builds and values transformative ideas. In Education, our proposal is to increasingly strengthen the connection between the Academy and the Market, in a model of cooperation and constant dialogue between the two links ”, says Daniel Y. Sonoda, group director.

The courses at Faculdade Pecege are designed to train professionals who work in areas of high demand from companies, filling gaps in higher education in the country today. Initially, management programs will be made available. All will be taught by renowned professionals in the market, among them professors with PhDs and Masters, many from USP (University of São Paulo) – another differential of the Pecege College.

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