Pecege organizes the largest final paper presentation event of Latin America

More than 2.4 thousand final papers and 40 lectures brought the 13th edition of the SIM to the status of largest event of the Latin American segment. Organized by Pecege in three days of December 2019, SIM crashed records with the presence of more than 6 thousand participants among MBA USP/Esalq students and visitors. Based […]

Pecege prepares new headquarters

The climate is counting down for Pecege to occupy its new headquarters, located in the Technological Park of Piracicaba. On December 22 of 2019, Mayor Barjas Negri signed the Compromise Terms that official the destination of an area of 12.536 m² for the installation of the new building. The expansion will allow Pecege to expand […]

Pecege College: education applied to the labor market

The Pecege College offers the graduate course in Technology in Management Processes. With a duration of two years, the course has a general curriculum, which allows the training of multispecialists in management processes. “This means that, upon graduation, the student will be able to work in several areas of a company such as logistics, human […]